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Category: General

 Downloading the DropShots Desktop Uploader
  You can get the latest version of the DropShots Desktop Uploader from here:
 About DropShots
  DropShots is a great place to keep in-touch and stay connected with those you care about by sharing your life experiences captured on photos and videos. Our goal is to create the most simple and enjoyable place
 Is DropShots free?
  Yes, you can open a DropShots account for free! You will be able to upload up to 500 photos and 20 videos (2-minutes in length).
 Upgrading to a Star User (Premium Membership)
  We love our Premium members. They allow us to continue to run and improve DropShots, and they allow your family and friends to use our service for
  We have a Feedback and a Help link on the Settings gear drop-down box.We would love to hear your feed-back about the site. Tell us what you like and dislike and we will do our best to mak
 Why are videos cutoff at 2-minutes?
  The video length limit for free users accounts is 2-minutes. Premium users are able to upload an unlimited number of videos and up to 10-minutes per video.
 Video Formats Supported
  We support many video formats including AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, WMV, and 3GP. Of those formats we support, most of the codecs including:MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 v
 The DropShots Sharing Rules
  There are many children that visit and use DropShots. This is a place for you to share your personal photos with family. We just want to make the site clean and safe for
 Bulk Deleting
  To delete multiple photos or videos, on your User Home page, click on your Username to bring you to the main Gallery.Click on either  
 Change date and time
  Photos and videos are time and date stamped by your camera when they are taken. Sometimes when the photos/videos are not loaded onto the date we expect them, they may sho
 Add/Delete Friends
  There are now three ways to add a user as a friend:Go to their page. Click Add Friend on the left side of their page. Enter their username. They will receive a mes
 Find/Search photos and videos
  There are 2 main ways to find photos and videos.First you can try to remember the time when the photo or video was taken. You can select the year you want t
 Who has access to my site and can I restrict access?
 Benefits of Membership
 The Premium Account Unlimited photosUnlimited videosUnlimited bandwidthUnlimited storage10-min
 Burning photos to a CD
  We're working on this feature!ff
 Video not uploading
  One problem might be that your firewall is not allowing the Up-loader to access the internet . Please check your firewall and make sure it is not blocking the DropShots uplader.Also, if your video is
 Macromedia Flash
  You can get the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player by clicking this link: 
 Videos not filling entire screen
  If you video does not fill the entire video screen please increase the video resolution or video quality on your digital camera.
 Poor video quality
  Poor Video Quality can be caused by a few things. First, you could try adjusting t
 Password Protection
 Privacy SettingsYou have an option to make your account public, private or semi-pri
 Photos or Videos on wrong date
  Photos and videos are time and date stamped by your camera when they are taken. Sometimes when the photos/videos are not loaded onto the date we expect them, they can be
 Photo and Camera Date Setting
 Photos are time and date stamped by your camera when they are taken. Sometimes when the photos are not loaded onto the date we expect them, they can be located on an earlier date because our
 Username not working
  If your username is not functioning, please be sure that you do not include characters such as quotes (" "), dots (.), or extra spaces in your username.ff
 Change your username
 One Dropbox for different users or user names
  We are no longer encouraging single users to keep multiple DropShots accounts. We will however consolidate multiple accounts into one account if you ask.
 Video streaming problem
 What you are experiencing is most likely not a DropShots issue since we have hundreds of thousands of users who use the system flawlessly, but rather something happening from your system. Most likely
 Automatic updates to friends and family
  You will notice there are several ways to let your friends and family know that there are new photos and videos on your si
 Wrong Link to my account in DropBox
 This is the proper link to your account: If you are usi
 Slide Show
 For now, there is not slide show function but the DropShots team is working feverishly to create one. They hope to announce this new functionality very soon.
 Videos cut off after two (2) minutes and I am a star user
 There are 2 ways to fix this problem:Find the camera icon in your system tray, right click on it, and select "Exit". This shuts down your DropB
 DropShots Comments
  Anyone can create a Free or Premium account and join the action! That is the whole fun of DropShots!! It would be like sitting on the couch with your friends and pulling out a photo album but telling them they
 Downloading videos
  Downloading VideosNew Method:Just go to the video that your want to download. Mouse over the video and drop-down will appear over the picture. Look for the DOWN ARROW which will d
 Change Username on DropShots Uploader
  The great thing about the DropShots Up-loader is that you can upload from any computer, anywhere in the world --- as long as the computer you're using has the
 Delete Comments
  1) Double click the picture or video that is commented on.2) Look for the comment under the picture and then click the x to the right of it.
 Forgot User Name
  If you've forgotten your user name, follow these steps:1) Go to www.dropshots.com2) Click Login
 Making Albums
  Albums - You can now organize your photos and videos on DropShots into albums! Just click on the
 Delete Photos or Videos
 1) Click on "All" beneath the "By Date" tab in the left navigation column, or find the relevant date2) Find the photos/videos you'd like t
 Titles and Captions
  To add a TITLE to a photo/video:1) Click on the photo/video.2) Click on the grey "click to add day title" link beneath the left corner of the ph
 Download/Save Video
 To save a posted video onto your computer, follow these steps: 1) Click on the video2) Right click on the video3) Select "Save
 Abuse, Inappropriate Content
 If you come across any material on any DropShots user's site that is in violation of our policies and procedures, please send an email to
 New calendar view and navigation
  The new DropShots site has an improved "calendar view" configuration. Please follow these instructions to make sure you are viewing the new format as intended.You can see all of the ye
 Unable to view site
 First check your firewall or web browser security settings. If either setting is too high, it could be blocking our site and preventing the files from loading. You can either lower the firewall/security settings,
 Download / Save Photo
  To save a posted photo onto your computer, follow these steps: 1) Click on the photo thumbnail on your homepage2) Click on the photo
 Delete Friends, Albums
 Friends:Click on the link to enter the Friends Gallery, there is a link to unfriend near their username.Albums:Click on the link to enter the Albums Gallery, the
 Log Instructions
 To send us a copy of your DropBox log:1- First make sure you try to perform the task that you are having an issue with.  Once it does not complete sucessfully; 2- On the bottom right hand corner in your Icon tray, enlarge the DropBox ico
 Remove User Name From Public Directory/List
  You can have your user name appear in the DropShots public directory/list so that other users can search for you. If you wish to remove yourself from this directory, follow these steps:
 Add User Name to Public Directory/List
  Your user name automatically appears in the DropShots public directory/list so that other users can search for you
 Why isn't Dropshot's emailing me back?!
  Please check your Bulk or Junk folder. We've probably already responded to you but your e-mail provider sent us directly to the junk folder. (The nerve!)Tip:
 How Do I Contact Customer Service/Support?
  Customer support is available all DropShots members. If you have a question that is not answered in the Knowledge-base, our online help guide, you can submit a help ticket 24/7, and a member of our customer su
 Need Help? How to Contact Customer Service/Support
  Customer support is available to premium DropShots members (those who have a paid subscription). If you have a question that is not answered in the Knowledgebase, our online help guide, you can submit a help t
 Photo Size/Quality/Resolution
  The size of photos is reduced from their original size when they're uploaded with the DropBox. For premium users, images are resized to 1500x1500px (still very large and fine for normal 4x6 printing). For free users, images are sized down to 800x800p
 Rotate Photos
  To rotate files, follow these steps: 1) Click on the photo thumbnail2) Hover the mouse over the  picture and you will see a line of function at the top of the picture                     3) Right click on the
 Mac DropBox -- Older version.
  If you're having trouble uploading with the most recent Mac DropBox, try installing an older version. It might be more compatible with your video coding.  Here's the link for a previous version:
 Mac Dropshots Desktop App Version (5/14/2014)
  There Newest versions of the MAC Dropshots Desktop App is now available, V You can download the latest version by clicking on the "Upload" link at the top right corner of your DropShots homepage. This is the only version av
 Embed photo or video to a web site
  Here are the steps to share your picture
 Can't View Pictures
  If you are only seeing a thumbnail of your photos, there are two possible reasons:The recent upload of your photo(s) were not successful. Delete the Thumbnail and try again. -or- We may be experiencing an issue on the serve
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