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Category: Upload

 Problems uploading?
  If you are having problems uploading please try the following:If the DropShots desktop uploader successfully uploads but you don't see the photos or vi
 Why are videos cutoff at 2-minutes?
  The video length limit for free users accounts is 2-minutes. Premium users are able to upload an unlimited number of videos and up to 10-minutes per video.
 Video Formats Supported
  We support many video formats including AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, WMV, and 3GP. Of those formats we support, most of the codecs including:MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 v
 Can't find photos after uploading.
  You will want to check your camera date setting. DropShots automates organization by the date in which the photo was originally authored. That data is encoded into the digital image by the camera, not DropShots
 DropShots Desktop Uploader is not working
  Restart or reinstall the DropShots Desktop UploaderYou can reinstall the DropShots Desktop Uploader by
 Transfer from your digital camera
  There a few options to follow depending on how you have set up your camera. You may have installed software that came with your camera. Some camera so
 Upload with Windows
  To upload photos and videos on Windows Operating Systems please follow these steps: Click here to start downlo
 Upload with Mac OS X
  To upload photos and videos on Mac OS X please follow these steps:
 Web upload
  To upload photos through the web please follow these steps:Login on the upper right of your User Home page
 Mac Issues- Poor and or choppy video quality.
  If you are having problems with the quality of videos using the Mac uploader, please try uploading with
 Change date and time
  Photos and videos are time and date stamped by your camera when they are taken. Sometimes when the photos/videos are not loaded onto the date we expect them, they may sho
 Change / upload to different user name with DropBox
  The great thing about the DropBox is that you can upload from any computer, anywhere in the world --- as long as the computer you're using has the DropBox installed on it. Follow these steps:
 Poor video quality
 First, try converting the video to another format and then reupload it. Edited videos seem to work best when in the mpg or mpeg2 formats. Other formats we support are: MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video MPEG-
 Unable to upload multiple photos or videos
 Please confirm first that you do have the most recent DropBox version, which you can download from www.d
 Video/Photo Count
 To check how many videos and pictures you have uploaded, follow these steps: 1) Log in to your DropShots homepage.
 Why isn't Dropshot's e-mailing me back?!
 Please check your Bulk or Junk folder. We've probably already responded to you but your e-mail provider sent us directly to the junk folder. (The nerve!)Tip: 
 Upload Fail DropBox Log
 First, please be sure that you are properly logged in to your DropBox. Launch the Dropbox and confirm that the web address appears there. If not, then you need to ch
 Can't View Videos
 If you're having trouble viewing your videos, it's probably because you need to install/update the Flash player on your computer. You can download it from here:
 Mencoder Error
 You are probably getting this error because the video is not compatible with the DropBox encoder software. There are a couple things you can try. First, try redownloading the DropBox from
 Mac DropBox -- Older version.
  If you're having trouble uploading with the most recent Mac DropBox, try installing an older version. It might be more compatible with your video coding.  Here's the link for a previous version:
 Mac Dropshots Desktop App Version (5/14/2014)
  There Newest versions of the MAC Dropshots Desktop App is now available, V You can download the latest version by clicking on the "Upload" link at the top right corner of your DropShots homepage. This is the only version av
 Can't View Pictures
  If you are only seeing a thumbnail of your photos, there are two possible reasons:The recent upload of your photo(s) were not successful. Delete the Thumbnail and try again. -or- We may be experiencing an issue on the serve
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