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 Cancel DropShots Account/Subscription

At this time there are 2 options:

You can login to your DropShots Account and go to settings. Move your attention to the bottom of the Settings page.

1> There you will see a "Delete Account" link. You will be asked for your password as confirmation. This action will automatically remove all of your DropShots content and close your billing subscription.

2> There you will see a "Cancel Subscription" link. We don't want to see you go and want to know why. You will have sufficient time to log into your account and remove content of your choice leaving no more than 499 photos and 19 videos. This will bring your account to the "FREE" account limits and you will not receive an over the limit notification. YOU MUST REMOVE MEDEA OVER THE FREE LIMIT BEFORE STOPPING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. The account will be removed permanently after 1yr of non-usage.

We're sorry to see you go! 

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