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 Upload Fail DropBox Log

First, please be sure that you are properly logged in to your DropBox.  Click on the "Logout" button and then re-enter your correct login information.

If the user name is correct, then we'll need some further information to troubleshoot this issue. However, this must be done IMMEDIATELY after a failed upload -- DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UPLOAD AGAIN. Please follow these steps:

1. Drag photos/videos into the DropShots Up-loader
2. If the photos/videos don't post to your site after upload is complete, or if you encounter an error, then go to step 3
3. Exit the DropShots Up-loader (right click on the DropShots icon and select Exit)
4. Right click on the Start menu
5. Enter " DropShots " in the program search menu, click Enter.

Try again or create a support incident.

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