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 Great Photo Tip 1

Sharpness - #1 tip for razor-sharp, crystal-clear pictures.
Hold the camera STILL.

The number one cause of blurry photos is the slightest shake of the camera as the shutter is open and the image is being captured.

Good to know:
The darker the surroundings the longer your cameras aperture will be open, making your camera even more vulnerable to a shake.
Want crystal clear and razor sharp photos? Here is how to prevent the camera from shaking:
1. Use a tripod. Tripods are the fail-safe way of getting your camera rock-solid while clicking the button to snap your photos. Carrying around a tripod can be a bummer though, so here are some other tips…

2. Any horizontal surface. Set your camera flat on the arm of chair, table, desk, railing, rock, etc. and click the button smoothly.

3. Brace yourself. If you cannot set your camera on a tripod or solid horizontal surface at least brace yourself - lean up against a tree, wall, a car, etc.
Summary: Get yourself still, get your camera still and click the button as smoothly as possible so not to disturb the camera while the image is being captured. You will be amazed how much better your photos will come out.

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