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 Great Photo Tip 2

Angle - The best angle and perspective for interesting photos
A New Angle On Great Photos

Most photos are shot at eye level (yawn!) This is probably because traditionally, you needed to have the viewfinder up to your eye to ensure you get everyone in the shot.

Now with most digital cameras having a built-in LCD screen you can take the camera away from your eye and try taking photos from unusual angles.

Try tilting the camera left or right to better position your subject in the frame. Some of the best photos are taken from below, or above your subject. Try getting further away or closer. The main point is to move the camera away from eye level and experiment!

There's always more than one way to photograph a subject. Using different camera angles can make an otherwise boring image really stand out. The more you practice using different angles, the quicker you'll know what works and what doesn't.
Angle Ideas: Lie on the ground and point your camera towards the sky for an interesting angle to shoot large monuments with.
Rather than placing your main subject in the middle of the screen, place it to one side and ensure something interesting is in the background that fills the remainder of the image.

This can be especially effective if the background has the same theme. For example, if photographing a child opening a Christmas present, frame them to one side and have the Christmas tree with unopened presents filling the rest of the image.

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