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 Great Photo Tip 4
Drama - how to use lighting for dramatic effects

Lights, Action, (and your) Camera!

We've discussed the advantages of using your flash, and yet, there are occasions where using a flash can ruin the mood of the event you are photographing.

Why? A flash tends to create a harshness on subjects and can wash out any natural mood.
So, rather than using the flash whenever your camera tells you to, use available light whenever possible. In a dark situation turn on existing lights to illuminate the room rather than to using the flash.

In daytime and when your subject is inside and near a window, have them face the light and position the camera between the window and your subject. This will allow the sunlight to light your image fully. Oh, and be sure your shadow is not blocking your subject!

Then again there are times when the cast of shadows across a face can add a dramatic effect of seriousness. Also, look for how light and shadows from buildings, trees and other objects can add a bit of interest and intrigue to a subject matter.

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