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 Great Photo Tip 6

Birthdays - Capturing all the fun and important memories at birthday parties.

Can't-Miss Birthday Party Photo Tips

Prepare For the Party
Abraham Lincoln once remarked that if you are going to cut down a tree, spend 90% of your time sharpening the axe and 10% swinging at the tree. Birthdays are once-in-a-lifetime experiences (you can never be 2 again!)  Don't miss the opportunity to record those special moments. You don't want to be the parent saying. "I wish-a, could-a, should-a..." do you?

So, what should you prepare for?
Know the location
Whether the party takes place in a home, party room, or amusement park; realize that each location has its own character, charm and spots where the all the crazy business is going to take place.

Know the Obstacles
What is going to be in your way at the birthday party (excluding your thinks-he's-so-funny-but-is-not-so-much brother in-law)? There might be columns, hanging plants or light problems in the areas where some of the good action is going to be.

The Main Table
If you are the host, be sure to set up the main table in a manner where you have enough space to stand back far enough to capture all the fun at the table. Consider where you place your important subjects (the birthday boy or girl) at the table as it relates to light and camera angle access.
Flash Decisions
Don't automatically assume you should use the cameras flash all the time. As we talked about in a previous tip (n.3) flash can many times wash out faces, make a picture look stark and certainly loose the beautiful glow of birthday candles. Try many pictures both ways and check your LCD for the best results. Many times you can lighten a digital picture with easy to use editing tools (coming in tip n.10) but it is much harder to un-flatten or add contour to a picture with too much flash.

Better Safe than Sorry
Take multiple shots of the critical photographs. Inevitably someone will blink, look away or you will cut someone's head cut off 9 Try it with flash, then with out it. Don't totally rely on spotting mini problems with the tiny camera LCD screen - you'll be surprised what you don't see until you get home and view on your computer - ut-oh!

The Background
What does the background look like? If it's supportive of the experience and the photo's theme - use it. If it's ugly, minimize and go in tight on your main subject.

Have fully-charged batteries, memory cards, chargers and a tripod if necessary.

Construct a Birthday Party Pictures
List Jot down the "Gotta Have" pictures, as well as the "Hmm, would be Good to Have" ones. Psst… now don't forget it - take it to the party and refer to it often!

Don't just stick to the, "OK, everyone lean in really tight and say cheeeeze" ones. Very often the best birthday party photos will be candid ones - those taken of the authentic jubilation with out the stiff pose.

Candid shots of the birthday subject or their invited guests zonked out after the storm has passed are always good for a smile and maybe even a laugh. What's a kid's birthday party with out the zany sugar high and the inevitable tail spin CRASH?

Surplus Time
If it's your child's birthday party, they will never look better than they do just before the party starts. BEFORE the party is a good time to capture some "insurance" shots before they have punch spilled down their front and grass stains on their knees. Now that you have the cute and neat before party pics now be sure to get all the ones with cake spread ear to ear and ice cream dribbling down their chin!

Share with All Attendees
The best way to share all wonderful fun captured on photo and video from the birthday party is to upload them to DropShots and send a link to everyone who attended… and family and friends who couldn't be there. Click Photo Sharing or Video Sharing and get your own free DropShots photo and video sharing website now, It's FREE!

Click Photo Printing to order those birthday photos online! Do your Photo Printing online and you'll save time and money.

Click Photo Books to create fast and stunning birthday Photo Books of your loved one's special day now!

Please feel free to forward these family photo tips with anyone with a family and a camera

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