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 Great Photo Tip 7

Baby photos that will melt hearts
When a new addition to the family arrives, the cameras pop out like popcorn. Unfortunately, most of the pictures, while enjoyed, never quite capture the cuteness and beauty of the new baby. Here are some tips to help you do the little darling justice.

First of all, if you use one of the fancy-shmancy cameras with detachable lenses never to use a wide angle lens for a baby picture. It makes the baby's nose appear larger and makes the size of their ears look smaller and out of shape (unless you want them to look like they take after great grandpa Earl). One the other hand, a short telephoto lens (100mm) will reproduce the little angel's features to a normal proportion. Even a small distortion of proportion has a definite (and detrimental) effect on the features.

Dar or Night?
To capture the full contour of all the precious delicate features filtered daylight is best. Inside get close to some of that daylight coming through the window. Soft light from the sky or light reflected off clouds produces a three dimensional rounded effect especially flattering to a baby's face. If the room is furnished in dark colors, place a reflecting surface near the baby to fill in the shadow.

What's your angle?
Try different angles: a high angle looking down, a position on the opposite side of the crib (turn it around), or even through the bars. Also, be sure to get right at eye level (even if you have to lay down yourself to take the picture) and shoot some shots from there.

For twins, try to have one sit and one stand. The diagonals produced in the composition introduce a dynamic note to the picture. Important is to have all eyes pointing in the same direction. A squeeze toy helps.

Whattaya lookin' at?
Don't forget the comic possibilities of baby photography. A cold piece of lettuce often produces a variety of quizzical expressions. A slice of lemon brings a riot of surprised and sour looks. A messy finale to a noon time meal is best enjoyed at a distance. Tickling feathers, air blown through a straw or a spray of water from a hidden source can supply an endless source of comical expressions. Before long, you'll have them captured forever in pictures and in your hearts!

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