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 Great Photo Tip 8
Documenting the best parts of the family vacation.
Here are some helpful tips for capturing your vacation memories.

Remember the Memory!
Make sure you have extra memory cards, another storage facility like a laptop, a flash drive or some other type of media storage unit.

Get close
The temptation is to try and get the whole lake or all of Magic Mountain in the background. People like to see pictures of people. Your landscape only or the landscape and a couple of ant looking figures in the middle never really convey the interest on a photo. The key is to capture the expressions of the people having fun in those environments - that is what will transmit the experience of the vacation.

Candid counts
Images with people are usually more interesting when the subject is caught in a candid moment. When setting up for a posed shot, try to include something interesting to liven up the shot - holding or pointing to something relevant, someone lying across everyone's arms, etc. One lean in group shot after another can get pretty stale.

What's your story?
Make your trip a story. Create a visual diary by photographing landmarks along your journey such as signposts and street scenes. You can also capture the mood of the day - If you feel bright and happy, shoot some scenes which will capture that feeling. If you're moved by what you see, insure your shots convey that feeling.

Take shots at meals
This is the time when family is gathered around. Take advantage of it by taking aim at your relatives around the dinner table. You might want to try to use the red-eye reduction feature on your camera (although the whole double flash thing always trips people up). If you want to be in the picture yourself either activate the self timer or tip your waiter well.

Be sure to include the ordinary
Most vacation photographers just photograph landmarks, scenery and the group "cheeeeze" shots. Make your vacation shots more interesting by including the mundane - washing the dishes, taking off in the car, setting up camp, waiting for an airplane, etc. Vacation is a journey - document it in pictures!

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