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 Great Photo Tip 10
Wow your friends and family with these great photo tricks.

Get Close
There's a hidden world of photography right under your nose. It's a world of colors and shapes and textures, and very few people ever notice it. It's the world of close-up photography - a technique where focusing on very small details makes very large impressions. Close-up photography is about seeing things from a different point of view, and it's easier than you might think.

Mirror, Mirror…
Reflections: Water is a fantastic element to include in your photos, as the reflections it generates can make your image stand out. Keep a look out for water around your environment when you shoot. Reflections from lights or splashes of color can really help with the ambience of an image. Rainy days are particularly good as puddles abound! Reflections can also come from glass, metallic surfaces, polished paint on metal, etc. - think glass on buildings, windows, cars (both windshields and bodies).
Extra Tip: Try photographing just the reflection and leaving out the subject - it's a great way to produce some groovy abstract images.
Fast-action fun
Every digital camera has a single-shot mode and it does just what it implies - takes one picture at a time. This works fine when taking pictures of things that don't move. But if you want to take fast-action pictures, like sports, you need to change the camera's settings. If your camera has a "continuous" mode that lets you take several pictures right after another, use it. If not, turn off the LCD screen preview and the camera may work faster.

Any photograph with the foreground in shadow and the background lighter is really a silhouette. A silhouette is a dramatic departure from a standard photograph. Usually you will work very hard to make sure their subjects are well lit, but with this technique, the roles are reversed. In order to make an artistic or bold photograph the main part of the subject is cast into darkness while the rest of the frame is brightly illuminated.

Wanna try it? Here is how:
  • Background should be much brighter than your foreground. Position your subject between your camera and the sun.

  • Make sure your camera's flash is turned off.

  • If your camera is on automatic, you can trick it into taking a silhouette. Most cameras measure the light when the shutter button is being depressed part of the way (at the same time as it auto-focuses), not when the button is pressed all the way down (which takes the picture). Point the camera directly at the lighter background, and press the shutter half way, then (without letting up on the shutter release button) point the camera at your subject, and press the button all the way and take your picture. In most cameras this will lock the exposure setting into the camera, ignoring the foreground - neato huh?

  • Many cameras have an exposure compensation control which allows you to override the camera's meter. If the foreground is too light, set the exposure compensation to a negative value to darken the foreground.

  • Unlike with film cameras, with digital you can keep experimenting until you get just what you want. Don't be afraid to try changing settings now to get different results.
You can take an even boring photo and add some artistic effects using some of the groovy features in the latest greatest software. A few options are:Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop, Apple's iPhoto or Picasa (free from Google).
  • Some of the neat things you can do with a digital photo software are:
  • Turn color into black & white or sepia
  • Soften, sharpen, warm, saturate, add tint or glow
  • Make it look like it was done in paint, chalk, charcoal, colored pencil, water color, mosaic tiles, stained glass and much, much more.
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