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 Bonus I - Video Tip
If you think photo memories are fun, VIDEO brings memories - ALIVE!

Video brings memories alive with motion, sound and personality.
  • You can capture and share:
  • Baby's first steps
  • Opening of the gift
  • Baby's giggle or first words
  • The winning goal
  • Happy birthday song
  • The thank you sentiment
  • It's endless!
Your friends and family will delight in seeing AND hearing all your special moments.

Reasons why families don't take more videos:

1) They didn't know they could
You might not even be aware that your point and shoot camera is already capable of taking video - after owning my digital camera for several months I didn't either! Once discovered, it has become on of my favorite methods for capturing joyous life moments. If your camera does not take video, I enthusiastically recommend getting one. Most inexpensive digital cameras come with it built-in these days and it is SO MUCH FUN!

2) They didn't know how
Check your camera to see if there is a video icon on it or a video mode. Just click to start and click to stop (short 30 seconds or less videos are best!).

3) They didn't know how to share the video with others
On DropShots it is easy: When you connect your camera to your computer the video file will be saved just like a photo file is. Simply drag-n-drop it into the DropBox and it will upload to your user page automatically and is instantly made available to share! Simple, fast and easy.

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Please feel free to forward these family photo tips with anyone with a family and a camera  

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