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 Transfer from your digital camera

There a few options to follow depending on how you have set up your camera.

You may have installed software that came with your camera. Some camera software will open a program when you plug your camera that assists you in moving files to your computer. Others may just make a new drive on your computer so that you can copy your pictures to a folder of your choice.

There are many possible programs that allow easy transfer, iPhoto, Picasa and even some camera manufacturer programs are ones that will store photos for you directly from your camera. The one thing to remember is that many of these programs are like databases which contain your photos and store information about them. You may need to look for the actual picture files on your computer withing the file system.  You will not be able to drag photos directly from these type of programs directly into the DropShots Desktop uploader.

In any case, you will just need to locate where the actual photo files are before you can copy them to DropShots.


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