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 Who has access to my site and can I restrict access?

Basically, this is how security is on DropShots:

User Account holder has access to everything.

If you have made your account "Public", Anyone from the internet can go to your "[username] account. Locked Albums are not visible.

have access to everything except locked albums. Locked Albums are
protected by any password you wish to use.  The visitor pass-code (anyone with Pass-code) will allow all access to everything except locked albums.

If you share an unlocked album with a link, a person will have access to all other unlocked albums as well.  Access to your main account will be restricted if you have chosen "Only me" , "Friends" or "Anyone with Pass-code"

If you share a locked album, a person only has access to that album and to all other unlocked albums, other locked albums are inaccessible

Passwords may take affect only after a logout and login in some cases.


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