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 About DropShots

DropShots is a great place to keep in-touch and stay connected with those you care about by sharing your life experiences captured on photos and videos. Our goal is to create the most simple and enjoyable place to share your memories with family and friends. We invite you to give us a try!

Some of our unique features are:

  • Free photo & video sharing
  • Best video sharing on the internet. We support MPG,MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and 3GP from all major digital cameras or smartphone. You just drag and drop the video to our application and we resize, transcode, upload, and host your video. We use the Flash plug-in to stream the video, which is already installed in over 98% of browsers and has a 1-click install process. This makes video easy to post and easy to view.
  • Fast and easy uploading from our easy desktop application or the online upload through your browser. (Some phones may require photos to be uploaded to the computer first.)
  • No registration needed for visitors to view photos and video. 
  • Password protection for folders and visitor password options available.
  • Automatic organization by date taken. (Older to Newer or Newer to Older - Customizable.)
  • Free blog linking (works with freely shared accounts)
  • Newly updated and easy to user photo & video browsing interface
  • Built in Photo editing functions are 1-click away
  • Supports and encourages conversations around your photos & videos
  • Add Friends to keep them informed of new pictures
  • No need to login for every visit if you store your password in your browser.
  • Works with Windows, iPhones, iPad, MAC and soon there will be an Android app.
  • Designed to be kid safe

More information about DropShots on our Blog and on our About Us page


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