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 Password Protection

Privacy Settings

You have an option to make your account public, private or semi-private.

Completely private, choose "Only me" in the Privacy Settings - This makes your site un-accessable. Even with a shared link will not access.

Public, choose "Public" - Anyone can go to[Username] to see your pictures.

Semi-Private, choose "My Friends" or "Anyone with Pass-code" Just Friends and pass-coded visitors

Mostly anyone can go to your site if they know your URL, you can set an "Anyone with Pass-code" password to allow only those who have it access. Your site is Semi- private, and only people you invite will know where to find your photos and videos. All of the sites on DropShots are open all search engines by default but you may change this option so no one can find your photos and videos from a search engine. Nowhere on our website do we show summaries of all our users. So no one can just browse through the latest uploads and go to your site.

You can also add this extra layer of security by adding a "Anyone with pass-code" password. Even if someone knows URL/user name, they cannot view your site without entering the "Anyone with pass-code" password.  You can also change your "Anyone with pass-code" password at any time.

To password protect your account:

1) Click on the "Settings" link at the top of any Dropshots page.
2) Look for the "Privacy Settings" in the settings webpage.
4) In the
"Anyone with pass-code" field, enter your own personal password.
5) Click on "Save Settings".

Please remember to share this password with your family and friends. You also must use this new password to access your site. Your other account password is still valid, though, and is to be used to change your account settings. 

You can also protect individual folders with passwords. A viewer can only access the passworded folder if they know the password. You can have as many different passwords as you do folders.



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